Asset Profile Information Service

Save valuable time, effort and money by using any smartphone to scan Asset Profile Tags. Tags can be placed on any company owned assets, and give employees and staff, instant access to asset information including model number, serial number, Technical Support contact person, phone number, email address, previous service performed and next service due date information. The Asset Profile Information Service also includes 24/7 system access for API data management, API data hosting, nightly backups, asset profile search from any location, comments area and the ability to send email reminder messages for delivery on any future date and time.
Efficiently managing assets results in less downtime and is critical to saving money, lowering expenses and increasing your company's ROI from any asset that requires routine maintenance or service. Convenient access to asset information gives increased visibility into asset status which also helps in determining future asset service needs. The Asset Profile Information Service provides an easy way of inputing information regarding service performed, and email reminders can be automatically sent to up to 4 email addresses, so that preventative maintenance is provided at the right time for each company asset. No paper work is needed for keeping track of and entering service information, which saves valuable time, resulting in increased efficiency and production. Profile pages containing all asset and service information can be printed at any time needed.

Engineering and staff are continuously up-to-date on the status of all assets, and information can be modified and shared from any location.

The Asset Profile Information Service is easy to use and enables engineers to quickly enter and recall asset information from any computer, smartphone, iPad or other mobile device, allowing remote asset information management ability.
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